We recycle even the most challenging materials

We at Rasmix are forerunners in recycling. Our focus is on recycling and processing biodegradable, oil based materials, out of which we can refine even the most challenging ones for reuse – for example into animal feed or fuel.

We take pride in our flexibility, which allows us to create comprehensive solutions that fit into your business model – whether your company is a small restaurant or a large agricultural corporation. Based on our strong technological understanding we can utilise your waste environmentally friendly and cost-effectively.

We collect especially biodegradable oil-based byproducts

We are specialised into recycling and refining of biodegradable oil-based materials. In particular, we collect used cooking oils, industrial byproducts and 3rd class animal byproducts.

Used cooking oils

Industrial byproducts

Animal byproducts

From waste to high-quality end product

We collect all of the oil-based biodegradable byproducts that your business cannot utilise. Our operations are located in a seven-hectare property in Riihimäki, Finland, in which we store and process the waste. Our mission is to recycle the waste 100% efficiently – in a way that nothing ends up into landfill.

We can refine the waste into animal feed and fuel which we deliver forward for industrial use. Our end products’ quality is high because of our excellent technical know-how.

We are responsible

Responsibility is in the centre of our business model. We follow all of the industry regulations and develop our own business model so that recycling could be even more efficient. We are proudly a part of creating new carbon neutral world. Our processes are approved by Ruokavirasto (Finnish Food Safety Authority) and we have received ISCC certificate from sustainable production of biomass.

Looking for partners

We are a dynamic player in circular economy in our field of operation. We are actively looking for partners to further expand our operations and develop new ways to capture value from the existing byproducts. Interested? Please get in touch.




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